About Divorce Essentials

Divorce is a life-altering change but it doesn’t have to be obscure and unnavigable. From the moment divorce is raised as a possibility, the questions begin: How do I know this is the right decision? How do I have the conversation? What do I do now? What will my life look like afterward? The questions can become paralyzing and while divorce presents a myriad of challenges, there is a way through it that does not have to devastate you and your family financially, emotionally and spiritually. Divorce Essentials was founded to help you identify a healthy path through this transition to a more positive future.

Whether you are at the point of considering divorce, in the midst of your divorce, or post-divorce, you are at a crossroad. The choices you make now will impact the rest of your and your family’s life. At Divorce Essentials, our goal is to support you in navigating this highly emotional and critical time with the clarity and confidence you need to fully embrace a life of hope and happiness. For some, this will mean returning to and restoring marriage. For others, divorce will be the true path to happiness. Regardless of the road you choose, Divorce Essentials is here to support you in…

  • Breaking through your analysis paralysis
  • Making decisions without letting emotions sabotage your future.
  • Prioritizing your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those who matter most.
  • Using resources and strategies to navigate confidently through the unknown.
  • Preparing for and navigating challenging but crucial conversations.
  • Creating carefully planned steps for a successful exit.
  • Crafting what post-divorce life will look like.

Divorce Essentials offers support in the following ways: