Considering Divorce Coaching Packages

Considering Divorce Coaching Packages

If you have been stuck thinking about the question, “Should I get a divorce” for more than 6 months, you are absolutely in the right place!  The packages described below have been designed specifically for you. Read the descriptions below and then set up your free 30-minute consultation. It’s free, so stop hesitating!

Why Am I So Stuck?

If you keep running the question, “Should I get a divorce?” through your head and you never get any closer to figuring out the answer, this is for you! Stop torturing yourself. In this 90-minute laser focused coaching session you will discover exactly why you are stuck AND walk away with a plan you can begin to pursue to get unstuck.  No, I am not going to tell you to just get divorced. I am going to give you the tools to step out of the all-consuming loop of indecision you are in. Ready to talk?


The Third Option (beyond Getting Divorced and Staying Unhappy)

If it feels completely intolerable to keep living the way you are but you are not really sure about or ready for divorce, there is another choice! Thank goodness. Your mind has probably been telling you that this is an either / or decision, but it’s not. I love to sat that there is ‘always another option!’ This is it. You are unhappy, so let’s begin by getting you happy. I know you believe you can never because of…… (fill in the blank), but actually, your own happiness is the one thing you have TOTAL control over – you just haven’t learned how to BE in control of it. Wanna learn? If you are ready to let go of your unhappiness even if it means a bit of discomfort along the way, this is totally for you. Let’s chat and start getting your life on track!


The Courage to be Curious

If you and your spouse have hit some really rough spots that seem to be tossing you in the direction of divorce but it really isn’t what either of you want, you are in the right place. The Courage to be Curious is a program designed specifically for couples who are courageous enough to wonder what could be possible if they truly learned to commit to their relationship. This is not about committing to taking the trash out or doing an equal share of pick ups.  It is about intentionally creating a relationship that you love with a person you love. It is hard work! No one ever tells you when you got married how difficult it would be to take two completely different people and blend them into one life together that is constantly inundated with myriad outside influences. Achieving the relationship you love with the person you love requires a whole lot of curiosity – something most of us had in reference to our partner when we first got together. Then curiosity morphed into ‘expectation’ and…well… now you are here.  If you want to live an extraordinary life with your partner, let’s chat! Why would you want to settle for anything less?!


Spa for the Soul

Do you wish you could visit a spa for your soul? Yes, you can get a massage, manicure, facial, sit in a steam room, and all of that will help your physical body, but what about your spirit and emotional well-being? This is what has taken the biggest beating over the last months and years!

Take advantage of our 75-minute Spa for the Soul Wellness session with our wellness expert Dr. Christine Kiesinger. You will learn how to care for your spirit and soul using breathing techniques, meditation, daily practices, and essential oils. Christine holds a doctorate in Communication Studies with expertise in the areas of interpersonal communication and family communication studies. Additionally, She is a certified yoga teacher, Usui and Karuna Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, and a clinical aromatherapist.

Contact us to schedule your spa treatment for the soul.


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