Current Preferred Providers

Current Preferred Providers

Attorneys & Mediators

Divorce & Transition Coaches

John Clarkson, J.D. is a divorce mediator with twenty-four years of experience who has successfully helped couples resolve all of their divorce issues including custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and division of property and debt.  In addition John, is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach who can guide you through your journey through the divorce process using the Divorce Companion Program.

Therapist & Counselors

Ruth Feinblum, LCSW helps people learn and grow from their divorce. My approach starts by helping you to discover the qualities that already help you to manage adversity.  From there we work together to help you find solutions through a combination of your existing coping skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness.

Ellen Singer Coleman, LCSW, an individual and group psychotherapist with a private practice in Center City, Philadelphia, specializes in women’s issues. Through both individual and group psychotherapy, Ellen helps women to successfully navigate the separation and divorce process, as well as other major life transitions.

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