Divorce Coaching Packages

Divorcing Coaching Packages

The Absolute First Step

Would you ever get into a plane and assume you could just begin flying it because you watched Top Gun five times! Of course not! Well given the potential impact of divorce on your emotional, financial and relational life, it makes just as little sense to jump into this process with only the knowledge acquired from a few internet sites and the recommendations of your best friend or family member.  Really?

According to research, divorce is the most significant financial event that many people will ever experience, and the emotional scars of the declining marriage and the process of bringing the marriage to a close can last for years if not a lifetime.  There is simply no other responsible choice than to obtain as much reliable information and qualified support as you can before you take any significant steps – even hiring an attorney!

The Divorce EssentialsTM Signature Starter Program is designed to educate you and empower you with a deliberate and healthy strategy for moving forward. The Divorce Essentials Signature Starter Program includes:

  • Nationally acclaimed multi-media Divorce Companion Program (divorcecompanion.com) including an interactive 128 page guidebook, 11 audio tracks, and 2 videos
  • 15 Straight Talk Conversations About Divorce, an 83-minute audio recording of top tips about divorce from a team of divorce professionals
  • Five 30-minute coaching sessions on any 5 of the topics listed below

Starter Program Topics:

  1. How the Family Law Legal System works. It is NOT like the criminal or civil law systems and misconceptions about the system cost clients 10’s of thousands of dollars!
  2. How to construct a healthy divorce support team (professionals, friends and family… Who should be on your team, who shouldn’t, and how can your team best support you
  3. How to make decisions with confidence during the process. With so many decisions in front of you, learn to use tools that will enable you to make decisions that align with your priorities and goals.
  4. What about the money? Division of assets in divorce is often the most contentious part of the process. It triggers the most vulnerability. Learn what you can do to prepare financially for divorce and mitigate the fear and anxiety in the process.
  5. How to feel strong, healthy and well-cared for during this process. There is no need to emerge from this process tired, beaten down, lonely, and defeated. Learn to care for yourself during divorce better than you ever did in your marriage and emerge feeling strong and vibrant.
  6. What to do with the house? Children or no children, the house is often the largest asset and the asset to which there is the great emotional tie. It is important to look beyond the emotions and fully understand your options and the pros and cons of each.
  7. How to protect the children? Learn what is truly most important in helping children emerge healthy and whole from this transition and develop some plans you can put in place in your situation.

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Thought Partner

Sometimes what you need most in this process is someone who is impartial to help you think about an issue. If this is the case, we are happy to be your thought partner.

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Your Divorce Companion

If you are just starting this process and are committed to both making this a healthy process and NOT spending 10s of thousands of dollars more than you have to,


If you are in the midst and feeling lost, overwhelmed or insecure about all there is to manage,

You want a Companion Coach. Yes, I know you are worried about money, but the truth is that for less than 3-4 hours of your attorneys time in a month, you can have unlimited access to coaching support. Many of the questions that people pose to attorneys are not legal questions and you get billed for every 1/6 hour! And your attorneys cannot answer the questions about your kids, talking with your spouse, how to keep your mom from interfering etc., and truth be told, this is some of the most complicate stuff in divorce.

And while it may sound like a bonus, it really isn’t… One of the benefits of this Companion program is the confidence and sense of self-worth you regain while you are getting your divorce! This is huge! After months or years of battling at home or living in an untrue marriage, you are broken. Let’s put you back together.

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Spa for the Soul

Do you wish you could visit a spa for your soul? Yes, you can get a massage, manicure, facial, sit in a steam room, and all of that will help your physical body, but what about your spirit and emotional well-being? This is what has taken the biggest beating over the last months and years!

Take advantage of our 75-minute Spa for the Soul Wellness session with our wellness expert Dr. Christine Kiesinger. You will learn how to care for your spirit and soul using breathing techniques, meditation, daily practices, and essential oils. Christine holds a doctorate in Communication Studies with expertise in the areas of interpersonal communication and family communication studies. Additionally, She is a certified yoga teacher, Usui and Karuna Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, and a clinical aromatherapist.

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