Divorce Companion Guide

Step-by-Step Guide for Navigating a Healthy, Conscious, and Sane Divorce

The Divorce Companion® is a comprehensive FREE Resource with guidance from a team of Healthy Divorce Practitioners that provides you with the

  • Knowledge
  • Confidence, &
  • Tools

to make informed choices when considering and navigating divorce.

The Divorce Companion from Adina Laver on Vimeo.



It’s Completely Free!



The multi-media Divorce Companion® program is interactive and can be used very effectively alone or with the support of a counselor, therapist or coach. It includes:

  • 128 page interactive guidebook (PDF Format)
  • 11 Audio tracks (MP3 Format) linked to each section of the guidebook
  • 2 videos
  • 15 expert conversations about divorce from a team of divorce professionals (MP3 Format)


This comprehensive package is completely free.

When you are already struggling with painful decisions regarding separation and divorce, you deserve a gift. The Divorce Companion is the gift of support and guidance to help you make the most informed and healthy choices possible during this turbulent time.




21979288_s” The Divorce Companion along with coaching have been priceless tools while going through my divorce. The Divorce Companion is so organized and thorough and the exercises are very powerful. They helped me get clear about what is most important to me long term and enabled me to cut through my fear and triggers which made a ‘healthy divorce approach’ possible. Because I had support and guidance I feel my children have made the transition smoother, my ex is in a better place, and I feel at peace about the way I approached the dissolution of my marriage. ”
~ George (Divorced)
19053457_s” Working with the Divorce Companion was so helpful to me. When I began the process, I was sure I was headed for divorce. In fact, we made it most of the way through mediation, but with the support of the exercises in the program and Adina as a coach, I ended up making so many empowering changes in my life that my husband and I found our way back to each other. We now have a much stronger marriage than before and are far better parents for our twin boys! I am so grateful that I invested in myself in this way; my life is forever changed. ”
~ Jessica (happily back together)
StephanieNewberg-1” As a counselor who works with divorcing parents, I use the child-centered materials in the Divorce Companion with all my clients. It is one of the best resources I know of to guide parents in how to honor the best interests of their children throughout this process. ” ~ Stephanie Newberg, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Cris_Pastore_2014“ This is truly the definitive companion guide for all those either seeking or in the midst of divorce. Knowledge is definitely power and this guide has lots of it! ” ~ Cris Pastore, Divorce Mediator
pam“ True to its title, this guide is genuinely a supportive companion that helps you to feel less scared and overwhelmed by the prospect of divorce and prepares you to navigate confidently through the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of the process. ”
~ Pam Laber (Divorced)
kymberly” This guide is the perfect resource for those who wish to approach divorce in a thoughtful and deliberative manner.”
~ Kymberly Truman Graves (Divorced)



It’s Completely Free!