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Adina T. Laver, MBA, M.Ed., CPC, Founder of Divorce Essentials & Companion Coach

Unlike many of my colleagues whose personal divorce experience led them to divorce coaching, divorce and relationship coaching found me. From my vantage point as a successful consultant, I decided to pursue coach training because of my fascination with the factors that enable some people to engage with and make change easily and leave others paralyzed and fearful.

In the course of my training as a coach, and already working with the Main Line Family Law Center Mediation firm, I was introduced to some breakthrough questions that challenged me to examine my own life in a way that was more honest and authentic than ever before. I opened myself up to a deep inquiry into my life—a life that had not felt entirely right for a long time. Through this process, and 16+ years into my marriage, I discovered that I was gay. I was also able to see that I had allowed myself to become disempowered in many ways and was not living in my strength.

When people ask me how I made it through the pain and challenge of making the change, I always acknowledge my support team as the most critical factor in being able to navigate this journey and emerge stronger and in a healthier place on the other side. We are not meant to travel this journey of life alone. Divorce Essentials and Companion Coaching is my response to the tremendous support and guidance I received and that I know is critical for anyone to be able to transform their life or relationship.

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Joyce Fine, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Certified Divorce Coach

What makes a divorce healthy is the ability of the adults involved and the professionals who support them to recognize and respect the humanity of the separating couple and their children (when children are involved). This means that everyone makes an effort to keep their eyes on a few basic goals: clear, thoughtful communication; achieving the best interests of all participants, and steady progress. My job as a divorce coach is to be a companion and guide for individuals and couples as they navigate the challenges and difficult aspects of divorce. I serve as an objective thought partner to help all parties, as individuals or as a couple, think through both minutiae and the big picture so they can avoid making immediate decisions based on momentary emotional reactions that may cause long term negative effects.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, a trained divorce mediator, and Parental Responsibility Evaluator (someone who conducts high-conflict divorce custody evaluations), and a person who has been through my own divorce, I bring a deep understanding of this process and its impact on people deciding whether or not to go through it, going through it, or who are dealing with post-decree matters. In my divorce-related work and research I repeatedly encounter one important truth: While divorce is deeply life-changing and rarely easy, the ways that a divorcing couple interact with each other deeply impact both their and their children’s mental and sometimes physical health during and post-divorce, as well as everyone’s ability to recover and move on in the aftermath. Fully committed to helping my clients communicate well with loved ones and with people they may have conflict with, I work with my clients to conduct their divorces in a way that enables everyone involved to recover and thrive rather than get stuck in a negative long-term, ongoing emotional and/or financial drain.

  Dr. Fine was a supportive, patient and objective partner in helping me end my marriage.  In the safe and non-judgmental environment she created, Dr. Fine helped me clarify the end goals which were important to me, while gently keeping me focused on the tasks at hand.   She helped simplify that which was overwhelming to me and listened compassionately & with empathy. Dr. Fine’s reassuring guidance and hopefulness in a time of darkness were invaluable.  I am eternally grateful to Dr. Fine for her amazing skills to help me navigate this painfully difficult life-changing event.
~Linda Bram

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