Divorce, Relationship & Life Empowerment Coaching Options

All the coaching packages described below are designed to support individuals and couples in making a healthy transition to a positive future. Coaching is an active process that involves a partnership between the coach and the client(s) to achieve powerful and empowering results. Descriptions below include packages for individuals and for couples.


Ala Carte Coaching

Perfect for those who are just getting started and want to see what coaching is all about and how it can help. Ala Carte sessions are also great for maintenance after another coaching package has come to an end.

During Ala Carte Coaching sessions, you will:

  • Recognize the false fear that is keeping you stuck
  • Identify the next step you can take to begin moving forward
  • Gain the confidence you need to take the next step

What’s Included:

  • Presession exercise
  • 30- or 60-minute coaching session
  • Weekly support through the Today’s Plan; Tomorrow’s Future newsletter

Investment: $125 for 30 minutes, $225 for 60 minutes

Thought Partner

Sometimes what you most need is a “life line” to call upon at key challenging moments. Thought Partner sessions are designed for the person who just wants to ‘touch base’ every so often to discuss options and address obstacles as they arise. Available in 30-minute or 60-minute session packages.

Thought Partner sessions are designed to support you in:

  • Getting unstuck
  • Weighing options
  • Making decisions
  • Finding clarity
  • Uncovering new possibilities

What’s Included:

  • Five 30-minute coaching sessions or four 60-minute coaching sessions that can be used anytime over a four month period
  • Pre-session exercise
  • Weekly support through the Today’s Plan; Tomorrow’s Future newsletter

Investment:  $575 for 30-min package; $850 for  60-min package


Life is a journey and the challenges you are facing right now have you in unfamiliar territory. In this situation, having a guide who will stay by your side and  hold up the lantern to illuminate the path may be just want you are looking for. Companion coaching is available month to month or in a three-month package.

The Companion coaching option is designed to:

  • Provide support on a month-to-month basis
  • Develop awareness of the patterns and habits of mind that are keep you stuck and sabotaging your happiness
  • Develop new patterns and habits of mind that serve you better in your relationship and in life
  • Provide tools and strategies for more effective communication
  • Develop greater confidence and clarity in decision making
  • Break the cycle of enabling
  • Create a strategy and plan for navigating significant transitions in your relationship such as divorce or separation

What’s Included:

  • Orientation packet
  • Pre-session exercises
  • Four 60-minute monthly coaching sessions
  • Coaching session summary notes and action plans
  • Tools and exercises to develop greater self awareness and build new habits
  • E-mail support

Investment: $1050 per month; $3000 for three months

Personal Empowerment Breakthrough

Often the challenges brought on by divorce or strain in a marriage / primary relationship are a wake-up call to the fact that life is not at all what you hoped it would be. Something has been off for a while and the current circumstances are bringing it all to the surface and amplifying things you know have not been right for a long time. There is a big pile on the floor of things that have been swept under the carpet for years. NOW is the time to reclaim control of your life. Facing the challenges in your relationship and creating the life you want is a deep commitment. The Personal Empowerment Breakthrough is for individuals who are ready to propel forward. Whether your marriage / relationship ends or it continues, the promise of this program is that you will feel better about yourself and your life than you have ever felt before. You will also receive all the practical guidance you need to navigate, separation, divorce or the rebuilding of your relationship.

What’s Included: Please contact me for details.


Communication between couples is complex and when one or both partners is feeling hurt or angry, communication can either become explosive or cease completely. While everyone may be speaking the same formal language (e.g. English), each person’s brain filters and understands communication differently, often leaving partners feeling like one is speaking Greek while the other is speaking Russian – simply nothing seems to be getting across the right way. This is a problem whether you are trying to strengthen a relationship or end a marriage in a healthy and non-contentious way. Couples coaching is designed to help two people find their way to the same page and develop strategies that will enable them to move forward in whatever direction is most appropriate.

Details about Couples Coaching

  • Couples coaching sessions are in-person in my Plymouth Meeting or Bala Cynwyd, PA office
  • Sessions are 90-minutes in length
  • Partners complete a pre-session exercise in preparation for the face-to-face meeting
  • All sessions culmination with the creation of a next steps action plan

Investment $350