About the Preferred Provider Program


  • Nip client stagnation in the bud

  • Provide undecided client consults with a resource that conveys your care & concern

  • Help your newly signed clients get the emotional support they need to stay on track

The Divorce CompanionTM is a self-guided program that grounds people in the divorce process, addresses fears head on, provides tools and strategies for working through those fears, and offers a path for navigating knowledgeably and confidently.

Including a 128 page interactive guidebook, 95 minutes of audio, 2 videos, and an 85-minute BONUS audio with tips from divorce experts, the Divorce CompanionTM is the most comprehensive and powerful resource available to guide people in how to have a healthy divorce and lay a foundation for a positive future.

The Divorce CompanionTM does not provide legal, financial or therapeutic advice. Rather, it provides your clients with a tool that will both ease their divorce experience as well as help you differentiate your professional practice from others in the field.

Who’s the Preferred Provider program for?  The Preferred Provider program is for any professional serving divorcing clients such as Family Law Attorneys & Mediators, Therapists, Realtors, Divorce & Life Coaches & Financial Advisors who wants to help their clients have a healthy divorce experience.

What are the benefits of becoming a Preferred Provider? 

  • Ability to offer The Divorce CompanionTM to your clients at a 20% discount.
  • Text & graphic images to create a plug-in for the purchase of the Divorce CompanionTM on your website.
  • Divorce CompanionTM rack cards & Divorce Essentials brochures for your office.

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*Professional Review copies of the Divorce CompanionTM are available. Contact us for details.