Adina works with people who have to make BIG decisions and navigate complex changes. With a background that includes working with both with leaders of large complex organizations and individuals undertaking some of the most significant changes in their lives, Adina is the perfect speaker for organizations that are serious about understanding the change process and navigating change confidently. An educator at heart, Adina is committed to ensuring that her audiences are engaged, energized, empowered and fully equipped to take effective action

Below is a sampling of presentation topics. Adina is also able to tailor a presentation for your audience.

Mastering the Conversations You Dread

We all have conversations that we avoid because we dread having them:

·  The annual review of a difficult staff person at work
·  Asking for a raise or change in work scope
·  Recovering a past debt from a friend
·  Discussing financial difficulties with our spouse or partner
·  The fact that we are not feeling happy or satisfied in a relationship

Avoiding the conversation never makes it better, but we can’t help but feel paralyzed by fear. As a divorce coach, I find that my clients are faced with having some of the most challenging conversations they will ever have. In Mastering the Conversations You Dread, you will learn the five keys to overcoming your fear and approaching difficult conversations with confidence.

Embracing ‘The Devil You Don’t Know’

When confronting the prospect of change, many of us glance suspiciously at a future of unknowns and guardedly stand behind the adage, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.” As a divorce coach, I find that ALL of my clients stand at the threshold where the devils they know are no longer tolerable, and they are faced with remaining in the “intolerable” or stepping out into completely unfamiliar territory. Whether the devils you no longer want to tolerate impact you in life, love or business, Embracing “The Devil You Don’t Know” reveals the five secrets of successfully breaking out of the old that is no longer working to embrace a new and more positive future.

Divorce the Indecision

What does indecision cost you in life, love or work? While “not deciding” feels safe, it is actually a low-risk but very high-cost way to go. The costs of indecision include: stress, lost productivity, unhappiness, persistent negativity and frustration, frivolous spending (to help feel better), and loss of self-confidence and self-worth (to name a few). We have all been in the place of not being able to decide what to do, so we do nothing, figuring that we will be no worse off as long as we stay where we are. In most cases, we are significantly worse off over time when we do nothing. Learn the five steps you need to take to divorce your indecision.

Adina has provided Keynote addresses and workshop presentations for the following organizations:

Association of American Schools in South America

Cabrini College

Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit

Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry Annual Leadership Conference

Chester County Intermediate Unit

Delaware County Intermediate Unit

Montgomery County Intermediate Unit

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics

National Staff Development Council

PA Department of Education: Pennsylvania Inspired Leaders Program

Pennsylvania Association of Adult and Continuing Education Partnership for Effective Learning and Innovative Education

West Chester University: Institute for Education, Excellence and Entrepreneurship