Adina Laver

More than any family member, friend or legal counsel, Adina helped me to navigate my journey.  She’s helped to script conversations with my husband so that we might avoid heated conflict and reach a place of quiet civility. She was invaluable in helping me to make critical decisions regarding the care of my children, offered tremendous advice, and helped me to feel empowered each time I met with my lawyer.   Most of all, Adina always called me back to myself.  At this critical juncture in my life narrative, Adina continues to help me to remember that the future is mine to create—that I deserve to claim a life of my own choosing and that unless and until I am a priority, very little will actually change. ~ Christine


When I first discovered Adina I was stuck in a relationship and felt like my life was spinning out of control. I was struggling with why I was feeling this way, and the counsel I sought from clergy and lay people gave me no better understanding of what “my problem” was.  Adina helped me realize that I of course didn’t have a problem, but I wasn’t living the life that I wanted. She helped me uncover the real me and discover the life that I want to lead.  She has introduced me to several tools/exercises that I now use that keep me aligned with my true self, keep my emotions in check, and on a path to creating the most authentic, empowered, and extraordinary life that I can lead.  Adina is genuine, compassionate and inspirational.  I am so grateful to have her in my life! ~ Marc

This was an investment in true happiness. I always knew happiness was out there to be had but I just didn’t know how to get it. Thanks to Adina, I have the tools to find that happiness even if I get off track. I invested in myself and it has paid off more than I can ever express. I now go after what I want with a huge future in front of me. I would suggest to anyone going through a divorce that they make this investment in themselves. You won’t regret it! ~ Jessica

I feel like I can face whatever is thrown at me from the “bully” (that is my ex-husband-to-be) and stay calm enough to stay rational through it. I’ve come a LONG way, thanks to Adina. If you are going through a horrible divorce and have any questions about whether to start your journey with her, don’t think twice! ~H.B.

After staying 36 years in an abusive marriage, I was able to start on a new path thanks to Adina. After working with her, I am no longer living in misery. I am much more focused on what I want my life to become, and better able to stand my ground in the difficult conversations. ~ Dorothy

Adina teaches you how to walk with confidence, ease and grace. Early on in the “divorcing” process, I found myself in total darkness along the path.  It was at that very time that I discovered Adina and her work as a divorce “companion.”  Adina is just that—a companion along the path toward divorce.  She holds the torch that lights the way. I am not sure how I would have managed “divorcing” had I not worked with Adina and although I am still very much on this journey, I now walk feeling more certain of my steps—more hopeful about my future and ever more confident that when I choose for “me,” and choose from the heart—everyone benefits.  ~ C.K.

With the financial uncertainty and stress of my pending divorce, I was hesitant to commit to professional coaching. As it turns out, choosing to work with Adina may well be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Adina’s coaching helped empower me to deal effectively and positively with my divorce while at the same time feeling less alone. Because of her resources, guidance, exercises and tools, the process was so rewarding that I offered to pay for some coaching sessions for my ex-to-be. ~ Dave

I’ve created an immensely brighter future working with Adina. She has enabled me to open up to opportunities that were previously unimaginable. Each of my sessions with Adina resulted in a profound, immediate and complete transformation of what I previously considered as challenges, but were actually opportunities. Her coaching sessions are truly amazing. (And I’m not easily impressed!) ~ Jill